This is not Corbin Cabin.

For the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, the Shenandoah National Park is doing a “then and now” photo project. I was assigned Corbin Cabin. I looked on a map and thought it wouldn’t be that hard to find. Decided to go on Sunday to get my pictures. Talked Melissa into going with me and we left about 7am, driving through beautiful fog shrouded countryside.

When we got to the park, we probably got the one ranger who didn’t know where the cabin was. She gave us a crude map and a mile marker to shoot for. When we came through the tunnel, WOW, the vista was amazing. We stopped at every lookout point. Blue sky, leaves turning colors, clouds covering the valley, mountains peeking through the clouds.

Found the mile marker but not the Corbin Cabin Cutoff Trail. Turned around. Tried again. Back and forth to no avail. (But we did find a picnic area with flushing toilets!) Finally went to a lodge and asked. Young lady directed us back to where we had driven by multiple times. So this time we pulled into the small parking area with the big Nicholson Hollow trailhead sign. We walked up to the map and at the You Are Here spot “Corbin Cabin Cutoff Trail Parking”. Seriously?! Following the directions I had, we walked for about 20 minutes on the Appalachian Trail until something told me we were going the wrong way. We read the directions again. We checked Google Maps “we cannot find you right now”. Then Mel remembered that the young lady said to cross the street…we walked back, dropped off our jackets, and crossed Skyline Drive to find the Corbin Cabin Trail marker.

We walked and walked and walked. Down down down. No cabin. Thought we saw a tent that later when we looked at through binaculars turned out to be a large boulder. Easy mistake. 🙂 Kept going. Realized the directions we had were reversed but it still seemed like we should have found it already. Finally Melissa sees a cabin! Yay! I looked around it and it was cool, but I thought wow, if this is it, it has really fallen to disrepair. Plus I remembered in the picture I had, there was a porch. This can’t be it.

To be continued.